Wood Repair in London, Ontario

Reasons To Choose Us

Expert restoration to cope with our Canadian climateExpert restoration to cope with our Canadian climate

Removal of minor nicks, scratches, and marksRemoval of minor nicks, scratches, and marks

Restoration of underlying wood surfacesRestoration of underlying wood surfaces

Professional staining and finishingProfessional staining and finishing

Prompt and timely servicePrompt and timely service

Superior workmanship guaranteedSuperior workmanship guaranteed

Wood Repair London Ontario

Integrity is our Standard
We guarantee the quality in our work and service.
Expertise and Experience
Our painters have the skill and know-how to provide excellent results.
Committed to Quality
Our paint products are the best quality available

About our Wood Repair Services

Wooden trim adds character to any home. Unfortunately, in Canadian weather wooden exterior features experience regular wear and tear requiring repair, restoration and even complete replacement. Craftsman’s Seal Painting Ltd. offers various services to help keep the wood on your home looking great. Whether you’re looking for wood window frame repair, wood trim repair, or anything else to do with general exterior wood restoration, Craftsman’s is here for you!

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